Advice from an Advertisement


Advertisements can be utilized for many purposes. They can sell products, show off a certain type of makeup, tempt you into buying a certain product. But they can also send a stark message and warning.

This advertisement speaks to the dangers of drinking and driving in the context of human desire. Those who text and drive who haven’t gotten into an accident yet may not have realized the dangers of what they were doing and what the possible consequences of their actions are. The image is supposed to portray the fact that having an accident while texting and driving could happen to anyone. Why I say that is because the image has the eyes and mouth of the person blacked out so that the viewer of this advertisement can imagine themselves in the position of the person who has been killed in the accident and hopefully remind if not inform them of the serious problems that could result from an accident caused by texting and driving. It also speaks to the fact that the accident can happen quickly without much warning due to the fact that the text is in shorthand form instead of normal writing form.

This kind of advertisement does matter because of stark and serious warning it sends to those who text and drive. People may often text and drive and may not have gotten into accidents. It may be pure luck that that has not happened yet. But there may be a day when the individual gets into an accident and ends up like the person on this image. Advertisements of this nature can sometimes be hard to look at, but they are an effective way to warn people of the dangers that can result from their actions as well as how to avoid the kind of situation portrayed in the ad.


What is America?

Dear reader,

The above question could be answered in many different ways. For some it could be a place of sanctuary. For others, it could be home. However, America is more than a country. It is a collection of ideas made up by all the different people living in the nation. How  you view America all depends on where you come from and what you have experienced in your life.

For me, I think that America is seen as an influential and strong nation in the modern world.  I think America is seen that way because they have a lot of allies around the world and they are also in high positions in international organizations like the UN and NATO for example. America is also influential in the sense that it can signify a better place for some people who have been chased out of their own countries and want to find a better or more peaceful place to live.

Thinking of America as a symbol rather than a nation could be a beacon of hope for some people while for others it could be a place to start afresh. There are some disadvantages to thinking about America as a symbol. An example is that one could become too easygoing and forget the challenges of the real world as well as the reality of life.

America is a very diverse area of the world with many different views and aspects associated with it, and it all depends on where you come from in life. That will be a contributing factor to what you view America as.



Appropriate Views

Dear reader,

There are billions of people living on earth. With each person comes a different opinion and point of view. Some may be similar, but there are no two people with the exact same views on issues. Everyone should have a chance to voice their points of view with the world, but even though they have a chance to share their views, is it worth listening to?

There are many different platforms that are available for people to share their views. However, when wondering about which view to listen to on a certain subject, you have to consider the speaker’s knowledge about the subject, the speaker’s usage of evidence in order to support their point, and whether he or she is able to talk about the subject in a comfortable and confident manner.

Take, for instance a debate between two teams of students talking about whether social media platforms are a danger to your privacy or a way to communicate with your friends or family around the world. Both teams would have to have some points that they are confident on and have some pieces of evidence in order to back up their claims. Also, when the time comes for the teams to have open debates, the teams must be ready with some statements from the opposing team that they would be able to ask questions about in an appropriate manner.

So even if you’re having a casual conversation with friends, listen to what each part has to say about the subject or issue and ask yourself if it is worth listening to. You might even learn more about the subject that you never knew before.


The Power Of Community

Dear reader, let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you let someone else read what you have read outside the classroom or the school environment? Were you nervous of what he or she would say about your writing? After the other person read your work, and made comments, did you see your writing improve as a result of what he or she made comments on?

Letting other people see your writing outside the school environment can help improve your writing and see things from a new perspective. Now, I’m not saying that letting people see your work at school is a bad thing, but letting people outside school see your work can let the you see the piece of writing from a new perspective. It might be a little daunting at first, but it might eventually become a part of your own writing process.

So one question that might be asked is where to start. Who should you let see your work first? The people closest to you are your family, so try starting from there. Present the piece of writing to one or both of your parents and ask them to make comments. That’s where I started. I took my writing to my dad and asked him to read it focusing only on the content and if it made sense. I then asked him to read it again with knowledge of the subject and see if the argument that I was making was pertaining to the subject. After he had read it and made comments, I then saw what I could do better with the piece of writing.

Community doesn’t only have to be your family. It can be your friends, former or present teachers, or relatives. Anyone who you trust to read and comment on your work can be counted as your own personal community. Your community will continue to grow as you meet new people and at the end of the day, you will become a stronger and better writer. Try sharing your writing with those you trust and see the results for yourself.


Othello’s Downfall…

Hello reader,

Recently I have read the tragedy of Othello, and it was a great book. However, one question lingered in my mind at the end of the book. Who or what was responsible for the events that occurred? The main person who popped into my head was  Othello, the tragic hero and general in the Venetian army. However, Iago also had a part to play in the tragedy.

Othello had a high rank in the Venetian army as a general. He also had a lot of pride and reputation. However, over the course of the book, he showed himself to be easily swayed by other people’s statements, even though most of them were not confirmed. He took people at their word, not thinking to verify their statements with others. As a result, he got information that threw his reasoning askew and sent him into fits of rage. Othello was shown to be gullible in many instances throughout the book.

However, the individual who started the whole process was Iago, Othello’s adviser. He disliked Othello greatly because he was overlooked for the lieutenant position which Cassio got instead. He wanted to exact revenge on Othello for his decision and made a plan to make it look like his wife was cheating on him. Iago kept up the guise of loyalty with Othello, while being able to further his plan in the background. He was able to play Othello like a puppet and convince him that his wife was cheating on him with Cassio in a clever way that made him seem innocent.

The combination of Iago’s crafty scheme and manipulation of Othello as well as Othello’s own gullible attitude and pride led to the tragedy of Othello.

Why Do I Write?

Hello reader,

Expression is an important aspect for us to have in the modern world. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to have as many platforms to write or speak with. Think of a world without expression. This blog wouldn’t exist. There wouldn’t be a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. There wouldn’t be events like open mike nights, talent shows or concerts. We would live in a world in which it would be impossible to speak our minds to a wide audience, be it online or not.

To me, writing is a form of expression. Writing allows me to release what is in my mind onto a piece of paper or computer screen. It also allows me to have a sense of freedom in what I can say, not being restricted to certain words or phrases and being able to explore the different types of literature inspired by writing.

When I was young, I was a shy kid. I didn’t really talk to anyone and when a friend or relative tried to talk to me, most of the time I would hide behind my dad. I didn’t know how to express myself at all. However, writing changed all that for me. In writing, I found comfort and solace in being able to express myself in a way that was genuine and personal.

However, with most, if not all things, writing is a journey. There are still many things that I don’t know about writing. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about writing throughout the rest of my life and I am committed to making the most of each experience that comes my way.

I now want to pose a question to you, dear reader. Why do you write? Is it for school? Is it for a job? Or is it a form of expression that you like to explore? Think about it.


Perfection vs. Creativity

Hello reader. Have you ever worked on a project for many hours into the night because you felt it must be perfect? Did you feel that if the project wasn’t perfect, the purpose and meaning of all your work would be a waste?

I recently read a part of Anne Lamott’s book ‘Bird by Bird’ and in it, she declared perfectionism the enemy of creativity. That statement rings true for me in many ways, but specifically in music. When trying to come up with harmonies for a song, in my head I always wonder if it sounds perfect with the rest of the song. I want it to sound so perfect that it sends a chill up and down my spine. However, I soon realize that sometimes you just have to wing it and get creative with the notes. Often times, the result ends up better than I thought it would be.

Perfection is important, but sometimes it may take the fun out of a project that you planned to do. If, for example, you have an art project and are given two and a half weeks to complete it, you want it to be great, right? You have an image in your head, and want the piece that you produce to look just like that same image. As time goes on, you work hard to make sure it looks perfect, but when it comes to the final stages, you start to panic. The piece isn’t looking like the way you envisioned it. When that happens, don’t think that you’ve failed in reflecting the purpose of the piece, but instead think that you have been able to convey a message in a creative way.

Don’t discount creativity as a valuable asset to whatever you do and don’t let it get clouded up by thoughts of perfection. Using creativity instead of perfection may end up giving you a better or more interesting product than what you originally envisioned.