Tablets vs. Textbooks

Dear reader,

In school, at the beginning of the year, you were probably handed textbooks for many if not all of your classes. As you peered through them, have you groaned as you realize the weight that might be added to your backpack? Also taking a look at the text, have you wondered if there is a more engaging way to tackle the same material instead of relying on a textbook the whole time?

Using tablets in school is a possible solution to that problem. Not only are they light, they are also able to help the student engage more actively in the material by offering a more engaging method of learning. For example, if a student gets a brand-new textbook, they probably won’t want to mark it up for fear that they might have to pay for damages for writing or highlighting in the book. Using a tablet eliminates that risk, for the person can highlight as much as they want. It is their own device and they will be able to highlight as much text as they want on their own virtual textbook.


Sarah Wong on remarks that a study by the California Board of Education in 2004 states that the average high school student carries a bag with “about 16 to 20 pounds of textbooks.” Compare that to a tablet which weighs only a few pounds and can carry all of your textbooks and more. With an alternative which is more efficient and less back-breaking, tablets are a better alternative to carrying several textbooks home at the end of every school day.

Tablets are a more efficient way to carry all your material instead of textbooks because not only are they lighter, but they are also more engaging than regular textbooks. The material on the tablet can be marked up as much as is desired and can create a more personalized learning plan and experience with the text. Hopefully, in the future, we can have a personalized learning experience that is engaging and easier on our backs.



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