Entertainment as a Form of Ruin?

Dear reader,

Entertainment is all around us in this modern age. With YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and TV shows all around us, we have many things to keep us happy. However, that entertainment has a darker side to it, whether we realize it or not. Follow me down this rabbit hole and we’ll see what awaits us at the end.

With advertisements and other forms of entertainment blaring all around us, our eyes have a lot of attention-grabbing things to look at. The entertainment doesn’t only grab our attention to the point that we may end up spending hours upon hours watching. It may also affect our thinking process as well. Remember that the sole purpose of entertainment is to make people happy and make them believe what is being said. In other words, it wants us to believe what it is telling the viewer.

There is a dangerous aspect in that situation. If we just continue to accept what the TV or the computer screen or any other entertainment industry or medium is telling us, we won’t be able to think for ourselves and will instead become slaves of our own forms of entertainment. What we thought we had under control will instead control us.

So dear reader, I tell you this not to scare you off of your YouTube videos, social media accounts, or favorite TV series. My purpose in telling you this is to advise you to be careful of the amount of entertainment that is all around us. Take precautions not to become slaves of the entertainment, but to instead have it under control. One thing that I do is take away all forms of distraction when I’m doing work and make sure that I can’t hear them. Try some other techniques for yourself and see what works.



2 thoughts on “Entertainment as a Form of Ruin?

  1. I really love the tone you capture in your blog posts, Kinya. It feels like you’re having a personal conversation with the reader (yet you also manage to strike a nice balance with formality as well).


  2. Hi Kinya! The logical progression of ideas that you created in this post helped make the post strong and easy to follow. However, in your second paragraph you said “Remember that entertainment’s sole purpose is to entertain.” Since you didn’t mention this fact earlier, it’s a bit confusing. Overall, your post is clear and concise. Good job! – Carmel


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