What is Jazz?

Dear reader,

Have you listened to jazz music recently? Did you like it? Is it your first time listening to it, or have you been listening to it for a long time?

My first experience with jazz was when I was about eleven or twelve when my piano teacher gave me an assignment to listen to a jazz artist. I was able to find a collection of Ella Fitzgerald’s best songs and once I listened to it, I loved it at once. I listened to it day in and day out, even when I was going to sleep. It was like a new world was opening right in front of me, and inviting me to explore more. As soon as that collection was listened to quite a few times, my dad offered to get some more CDs for me, to which I happily accepted.

When I was listening to CDs from about ten years ago, I always wondered if jazz ever survived to the modern era and what that sounded like. After a few years, through iTunes, I found out that there were more modern jazz artists as well. Curiosity led me to explore other artists like Sara Gazarek and Gretchen Parlato and I found them to be wonderful to listen and even dance to. It was then that I realized that jazz is more than just a genre of music. It is a timeless art that spans over 100 years and would continue to grow!

So dear reader, what do you think about jazz? I’ve told you my story, now start your own. If you listen, continue to listen and explore different artists. If you haven’t listened, why not start now? Try different artists both old and new and see which one(s) you like best. The choice is up to you

“Change is always happening. That’s one of the wonderful things about jazz music.” – Maynard Ferguson




2 thoughts on “What is Jazz?

  1. Kinya I absolutely loved finding out about your love for Jazz. Hearing about your discovery of Jazz music really engaged me. I like how you have a point to your post by asking the reader what their opinion on Jazz is. I would encourage you to make sure that the last paragraph is more clear as, “If you listen, continue to listen and explore different artists. If you haven’t listened, why not start now?” was confusing. Overall you did a great job and I look forward to reading your future posts.


  2. I love the joy that comes through in this post! I can tell that you’re writing about something you truly love. What I would love more of is an explanation of WHY you love jazz — what is it about the music that moves you?


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