A Resume To Remember

Dear reader,

This post will offer you some useful advice on how to make you a candidate for a potential job, and what mistakes that you should avoid. Writing an effective resume will help you get that dream job and make yourself a stronger candidate for consideration.

First things first: how should it look like? It should have a clear and logical structure with bullet points highlighting important information such as accomplishments. The initial look is important because if poorly formatted, it will not be considered as highly and your credibility will take a hit.

After you’ve figured out a suitable format for your resume, it’s time to fill in the information. A few key points here are to write down accomplishments that you were a part of, and not just focus on what job positions you had. Employers will be looking for someone who was able to be a problem-solver and what they themselves did. Also avoid putting any irrelevant information because the information may not necessarily be in context and the person reading your resume will get lost.

One final to make your resume stand out is to quantify your accomplishments. That way, you can state the amount of skills you have in a certain area and give the employer an idea of where you will best fit into the organization. If selected, then you will be able to play from your strengths and be able to adjust a little easier to what you are being asked to do in the company or organization.

Those are a few tips that I have to offer about how to make your resume strong. However, there are more resources out there than just my blog post. Go out and explore what other tips there are and format a resume that you are proud of. Good luck.



2 thoughts on “A Resume To Remember

  1. Kinya,
    I really like how you are talking to your readers as you do this. Starting off with “Dear reader” and addressing the reader throughout the post makes this feel more personal and effective. I also like how you use words like “first” and “final” to help structure your post. It makes the post feel like it’s logical and organised. A couple of things I noticed was that you repeat the words “job” and “candidate” in your first paragraph. This makes it feel repetitive. I think it would be good if you can give your diction some variety. In your second to last paragraph, you are missing a word after “final.” Also, it would have made your post more interesting and clear if you provided an example of a resume that is simple and logical. I don’t know if your readers will be able to envision that clearly without a reference picture. Other than that, good job 🙂


  2. Kinya, good blog post 🙂 From the second I begun reading to the end, I was in for a bunch of helpful information. You never stray from your point – from your title to your conclusion, I could tell that you’d done your research on this topic. The way that you went on to organize the information as well was very matter of fact and solid helpful tips and advice. Good job with that – I now feel like I could actually try my hand at writing a resume 😛 I would suggest however that since is generally not an interesting topic, that you would try to make it upbeat and keep the reader interested.


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