Where is the Truth?

Dear reader,

These past few months, I have most recently found myself asking this same question. Where is the truth? Is it not around anymore and are we all just wandering in a post-truth world?

The word “post-truth” has now become a large focus in world news today, especially with the U. S. elections. During the campaigning season and the competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with both sides bashing each other about what their plans hold, I asked myself, where the truth is in the situation? Also with the issue of fake news websites posting information that was incorrect or biased, but nevertheless being used by people to spread information on social media networks, I had to wonder where the truth was.

A few years ago, I had an experience in wrestling with truth. I was talking to a friend who was strongly opposed to something and she said that what she believed was the truth. When I heard that, I questioned if what she was saying really was the truth and what basis she had for believing it. When I looked it up a few hours later, turns out that my friend was right and what she opposed to was indeed a real issue and that the information that she told me was true.

Truth is now a more important aspect than ever before because of recent events. Even though you may hear something, it may not necessarily be true, because it might have come from a source with biased, or even incorrect information. If I am to pass along a piece of advice, it would be this: be careful of what you read or hear, because it might not be true. Keep asking questions and dig deeper into what you hear to find out the truth instead of falling in the “post-truth” ditch.




3 thoughts on “Where is the Truth?

  1. I like your conclusion; throughout the post you do a good job building up to the conclusion that we can’t automatically believe everything what we say or hear. Your personal anecdote never states what you were debating with your friend but simply that you one day were debating and found out later that you were wrong. This example could be more effective by being more specific. In your second paragraph (especially in the second sentence), watch out for inconsistency in tense; instead of “what their plans hold” it should be “what their plans held,” and it should be “where was the truth” instead of “where is the truth.”


  2. Interesting post, Kinya. I can’t help but hear a parody of “Where is the Love?” by the Black Eyed Peas when I read your post, which makes me super happy. I like the use of personal experience, however it is undermined slightly by your vagueness about it – not giving the reader the specifics about the story makes it less interesting. There are some sentences that are generally fairly vague. For example: “Truth is now a more important aspect than ever before because of recent events,” isn’t clear or precise and it leaves your reader wondering about the events and why they make truth a more important aspect than ever. However, the post is still good and you did great 🙂 lovely job.


  3. Kinya, this is really nice, simple and your point is clear. However due to it’s vagueness it isn’t as captivating as it could be. However, I am intrigued by what it was that you and your friend had opposing views on. Making it more specific would have made the post a whole lot stronger as your conclusion is really great. I totally agree with being relentless in your search for truth and digging deeper below the surface. That also applies to writing in a way- diving deeper into detail to be more effective. Really nice job though, I like the end about not falling in the post truth ditch but I don’t understand why “post-truth” is in quotation marks.


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