True Meaning of Life

Dear reader,

When you think about “truly living”, what words or phrases come to mind? Not letting anything get in your way? Realizing your true potential and seeing what you can do? Make something that you’ve dreamed about since you were a child into reality?

The definition of “truly living” changes from person to person. How you decide to interpret that phrase is up to you. Personally, I think that truly living is where you are happy with what you have achieved and realize that you are comfortable with your circumstances. However, don’t forget that even though you may be happy, try to challenge yourself and reach even greater heights.

In terms of challenges, one of the major obstacles that you can come across is none other than yourself. If you think that you can’t do things, then you won’t make an effort to even try anything, and therefore be dealing self-inflicted wounds. Sometimes, I find myself in a rut where I don’t know what to do. However, when I get into those situations, I realize I have a choice. I can either sit around and sulk all day, or try and find a silver lining in the midst of the dark clouds.

“Truly living” is a very interesting phrase to use. It is something that is very much open to interpretation depending on your own thinking style. So I ask you once more, dear reader: When you think about “truly living”, what words or phrases come to mind?



2 thoughts on “True Meaning of Life

  1. Great question at the beginning. I appreciated this post. It was positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Thank you for that. Bringing in the ‘silver lining in the midst of the dark clouds” was great… it always makes me happy to hear the silver lining phrase. It was very straight to the point – that’s good. Maybe you could explain why pushing yourself to greater heights is something we shouldn’t forget… Good job though!


  2. Hey Kinya! From the moment I began reading I felt welcome. The “Dear reader” made me feel personally invited into your post and you didn’t stop there. You did a great job of acknowledging other people’s views while still sticking to your own. One thing I noticed, is that in the third paragraph you start by repeating ‘obstacles’ twice. To avoid redundancy, I recommend deleting “In terms of obstacles.” Overall, good job answering the prompt and seeing the different sides to the issue. See you tomorrow! ❤ Carmel


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