The Melody of Poetry

Dear reader,

Poetry is a very interesting and powerful form of communication. Instead of speaking in prose, one is expressing ideas in a way that has meter, rhyme, and rhythm among other aspects. It can also be a way to connect to other poetry that one has previously experienced.

Depending on the poetry that one reads, they will experience different ideas. For example, Walt Whitman has poems about transcendentalism and realism, William Carlos Williams deals with modernism and imagism. What makes poetry significant is the fact that each person has his or her own different views and even though some may be similar, others will be vastly different.

In my personal experience, poetry is a way to express my feelings about a certain issue or to explore different perspectives of something. I also use poetry to thank people who have had a great influence in my life. For example, when I was about 14 years old, I was going through a difficult situation and I was able to talk about it with one of my teachers. She was able to help me through the problem and she was willing to lend a listening ear whenever I needed it. When I found out that teacher was leaving, I was very sad and wanted to find a way to thank her for all she had done in my life. I felt that no amount of words I could speak would express my gratitude, so I turned to poetry. I wrote her a poem, and she was very appreciative of the gesture.

So what does poetry mean to you, dear reader? What do you think poetry is significant for? I’ve explained my reasons, so go out and find your own.



3 thoughts on “The Melody of Poetry

  1. Lovely post Kinya. I enjoyed hearing your personal stories and experiences with poetry; they helped provide specific examples to back up what you were saying. I also like how you ended with a question. It helps what you’re saying to last longer in the minds of the readers, so that they think about things after they read your post. I did notice that you use very similar sentence lengths consistently. Maybe you could try mixing things up with semicolons to keep things interesting, otherwise, the writing can get a boring. Great post though 🙂


  2. Kinya this is such a wonderful post! I love how you connect poetry with your personal life, it made the post very relatable. I would encourage you to use a larger range of words as many of your words were repeated. Doing so would really strengthen your diction. Overall you did an amazing job and I look forward to reading your future blog posts.


  3. Well done Kinya. Your post is straight to the point, and your sentence length is fine. In fact I would have constructed sentences in a similar manner if I were in your shoes (Insert smiley face (I said in parentheses because I don’t know how to do it normally).) There is one thing I would like to change though. Hook me in. Get me more invested into your blog. I challenge you to make me want to read more than just this post like you have challenged me to find reasons as to why poetry is significant. You got this.


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