Writing a Post

Hello reader,

When starting something new, you may not necessarily know where to start. That was me with blog posts. I didn’t know where to start and I was like a deer in headlights when it came to what to write about. However, I decided that the first post would integrate what I was most passionate about: music.

Writing a post using something that you are passionate about as a reference could serve as a springboard toward other ideas. Make sure that your descriptions are vivid and concrete. That can be used to make a post an enjoyable read for all. Using personal experiences could also serve as a way of making your post effective because it makes you relatable to the intended audience. If the audience knows what you are talking about and can relate to it, you will be able to let your audience connect more with the subject.

One system that works for me is keeping my blog posts consistent. Having one day every week where I know that I am supposed to write a post helps me stay organized and focused with my tasks. However, if there is an event that will take up the time that I have planned for writing the post, I will do it earlier than I usually do.

Blog writing for me is a way for me to express my views about a topic to an audience that may or may not agree with my views, and I always try to have the audience think about the aspect that I am writing about at the end of my blog. I always try to keep the audience involved in my post and would like them to think about something and respond if they wish.

Writing blogs has been an amazing experience for me. I am grateful to have the experience of writing to an online audience and getting tips about how to better my work through the comments that I have received over this semester. Comments can be a useful aspect on how to make a post better.

Those were my tips on how to write a post, but do you have any different methods of your own that you use?




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