Broken Melodies

Dear reader,

I would like you to picture the world as one piece of music with many different melodies. Each continent has its own type of music, melodies, and harmonies, but the one thing that is universal is that none of the melodies are ever completely perfect. There are wrong notes in every piece, subtle or grand, that make the music sound not quite right. Whenever a mistake is made, the continent that made the mistake comes under intense pressure and ridicule from the others and is branded as an outcast. But with time, the music begins again and the mistake is forgiven.

I have read The Scarlet Letter recently and it paints the main character, Hester, in a similar light. Because of what she has done, she is branded as an outcast with the symbol of a scarlet letter on her chest. In the Puritan society, she is seen as someone who is apart from the general community and is treated differently from the others. She struggles with the fact that she as a person is defined by what she did and that that situation will haunt her throughout her life. However, over the course of the book, Hester grows out of those thoughts, becomes strong and independent and gets accepted by her community.

This book has taught me that even though there may be problems in the world, the aspect that matters most is how to forgive the individual. Look past the mistakes made, and accept the person for who they are, and don’t shun them for what they did. That way, the music can continue to play as best as possible, despite the mistakes.



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