Giving Thanks

Dear reader,

Have you ever thought about the importance of giving thanks and why it is known as ‘a magic word’? Have you ever thought about the importance of just saying thank you? Why is saying thanks such a big part of our society in terms of good manners?

Other than the fact that it shows that you are being polite and that you are appreciative of something, giving thanks could make someone happy about what they have done for you. Giving thanks also shows that you are appreciative of what is around you. Whether that is giving you a gift on your birthday, receiving an invitation to go to a concert with a friend, or cheering you up when you feel down in the dumps, saying thanks is a way for you to convey that you truly appreciate what the other person has done for you.

You can also be thankful about your environment such as the house you live in, your family, or even something as vast as nature. I had just finished school and was walking off to the place where I would be picked up and I looked around at the trees that surrounded me. In that moment, I gave thanks for the beautiful nature around the campus that made my school look so pretty and for nature all around the world that made Earth look more than just a barren landscape of a planet.

So giving thanks, small though it may be, could even help someone be a way to let someone know you are thankful for what they did for you and can help you see the bigger picture in even something as ordinary as a tree in a field.

That was my take on giving thanks, but what about you? What are you thankful for? Think about it and try to write it down so you don’t forget it.



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