The Scales of Justice and Grace

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Dear reader,

As our world stands now, there are many difficulties. Refugee crises, climate change, unemployment, and others. When reflecting on a situation and how it could develop, we can sometimes see it through two different angles: justice and grace. Which one of those two is the most important?

Justice is an important factor of dealing with problems, but sometimes that can blind us to the concept of grace. Grace is unmerited favor. The concept of grace can be applied in most areas of our everyday life. For example, someone treats you unfairly and blames you for something that you didn’t do. Later on, that same person decided to come back to you and apologize for their actions. In that moment, you have two options presented to you. Either get back at the person (justice) or forgive them (grace).

Choosing justice in that situation may feel very satisfying in the moment, but it may have consequences in the long run. You start to feel guilty about what you did and want to show grace to the person and apologize for what you did in the moment, but your sense of justice inhibits you from doing that. As a result, that conflict remains and may wear on you in the future.

However, choosing grace leads to a wonderful sense of freedom and in the long run, you will feel happy about your choice and that you did the right thing. Also, you may even want to know the person who did you wrong. You may even become close friends at the end of the day.

An example from my life would be with one of my best friends, Christina. We were both in 5th grade and we were not close at all. One day, I found that the snack I had from the day was missing from my bag. I remember that I saw Christina taking something that looked familiar to my snack, and I went at the end of the day and talked to her about it. She said that she hadn’t taken it and that I was wrong. I decided not to pursue it further and went home.

The next day, Christina came over to me and said that she did take my snack and that she was sorry. I had a choice to either not forgive her and harbor bad feelings against her (justice), or to accept her apology and forgive her (grace). I immediately chose to forgive her and show grace. She was surprised that I would choose to forgive her this easily and we became friends. To this day, we are inseparable from each other and have never fought since.

That was my experience with the choice of justice or grace, and there are many more examples strewn across my life. But what about you? What do you think of justice and grace? Which do you think should be more important and why? Think about that.



5 thoughts on “The Scales of Justice and Grace

  1. Kinya, I think my favorite part about your blog as a whole is how you constantly address your audience. This may help to make them feel included in your posts and prove to be very effective. I think the personal story you told as a great example and that it made the reader know you better. My only comment would be this question: aren’t there different ways of showing justice other then just staying mad at someone or trying to get back at them? Can there be some graceful justice? I am merely curious. But over all, lovely job 🙂 blessings, Claya


  2. Kinya, this post consists of some powerful examples on explaining the “wonderful sense of freedom and in the long run.” However, this is also from quite a personal perspective, so maybe you shouldn’t apply your thoughts on the things on a world-wide scale at the beginning of the post. Nevertheless, it was quite enjoyable to learn about your perspective, and I hope that your tone can be less serious when doing a post like this next time 🙂


  3. “However, choosing grace leads to a wonderful sense of freedom” . . . I think this is a really interesting point, because we usually think about grace as offering freedom to the person on the receiving end. While this may be true, I love that you highlight that grace extends freedom to the one offering it as well.


  4. Kinya great job with this blog post. You clearly laid out specific and solid points and from there moved thoughtfully to the next point. Your introduction as well showed how this post would flow. What I would say made this strongest was your example about your personal life. Extremely good job addressing that. Well done talking about this hard issue in the world today.


  5. I really enjoyed reading your exploration of choosing justice or grace. Your use of examples strengthened the post, especially the personal anecdote. Within that personal story I questioned whether not forgiving and harboring bad feelings against Christina would be serving justice. I don’t think it would be. I agree with Claya in that there may be different ways to show justice i.e. there being some sort of graceful justice.
    ‘…choosing grace [leading] to a wonderful sense of freedom…’ is insightful and inspiring. Your post flowed very well Kinya. I liked the questions you leave your readers to think about at the end.


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