Communication Methods

Dear reader,

There are many ways to communicate in the modern world. There’s social media, yearly forums, conference calls, etc. However, two of the most used methods of communication are images and writing. Images and writing both have different ways to communicate aspects of the world we live in or what is around us. The question is, which is more effective in communication?

When someone says that a picture is worth a thousand words, I start to wonder if that is really the case. Could one picture truly say what a thousand words could? I disagree with that statement and say that writing is a more effective method of communication. With writing, you are able to tell the same story from a different angle. Even though you can do the same with images, they can sometimes be misleading and not tell the whole story. Writing allows someone to tell the same story in depth and with sufficient detail.

Let’s say there was a terrible accident on a highway. After the incident is reported, the police come take photos and witness statements around the scene of the accident and then leave to file a report. The report then comes out describing the case, including photos of the scene and the witness statements about the accident. Now, imagine the police report without the witness statements and just the photos were in the file. You wouldn’t be able to clearly discern what happened in the case. All that you would know is that there was an accident. There would be many missing pieces such as who saw the accident and the condition of the person who was injured.

Writing is able to fill in details that photos alone would not be able to produce. That’s why writing is still used in many professions to this day. But what do you think? Which method of communication is best for you?



3 thoughts on “Communication Methods

  1. Kinya, you have a very clear way of communicating your point, and I really like that. I also like how at the end you ask the reader for what they think, that really pulls the reader in more. I like your example, but I think if you could use an actual picture or actual evidence to show that, instead of creating a hypothetical situation will help you prove your point more. Does that make sense? I really enjoyed it, well done!


  2. You typically begin your blog posts with broad statements and ideas. I’d encourage you to try new ways to begin your writing (such as with a narrative or a quote or a statistic) because this could help you to better hook your reader. Throughout the post you use questions effectively, for these questions move your point forward as well as engage the reader. I found your scenario of police filing a report to be very interesting and relevant to your stance. And I like how you ended the post with a final question; I’d say that writing is the best form of communication for me because I am more confident in my words than I am in my artistic ability.


  3. Hey Kinya! I really like the example you use; it helps clarify your beliefs and your reasoning. Without the example your post would have stayed in the vague realm that your opening is in. Good job showing your readers what you mean, not just saying it.

    The criticism I have for your post is that while your point is clear, your wording isn’t always. There are instances of awkward wording throughout your post, but especially in the first paragraph: “Images and writing both have different ways to communicate aspects of the world we live in or what is around us.” Reading your post out loud can help eliminate this awkwardness. In this sentence maybe try, “Images and writing communicate aspects of our environment differently from each other.” Then again, I used an adverb…

    Overall, your post is concise, clear in meaning, and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for showing me how to use examples effectively, and I hope that you’ll continue to use examples in all your writing. – Carmel


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