Advice from an Advertisement


Advertisements can be utilized for many purposes. They can sell products, show off a certain type of makeup, tempt you into buying a certain product. But they can also send a stark message and warning.

This advertisement speaks to the dangers of drinking and driving in the context of human desire. Those who text and drive who haven’t gotten into an accident yet may not have realized the dangers of what they were doing and what the possible consequences of their actions are. The image is supposed to portray the fact that having an accident while texting and driving could happen to anyone. Why I say that is because the image has the eyes and mouth of the person blacked out so that the viewer of this advertisement can imagine themselves in the position of the person who has been killed in the accident and hopefully remind if not inform them of the serious problems that could result from an accident caused by texting and driving. It also speaks to the fact that the accident can happen quickly without much warning due to the fact that the text is in shorthand form instead of normal writing form.

This kind of advertisement does matter because of stark and serious warning it sends to those who text and drive. People may often text and drive and may not have gotten into accidents. It may be pure luck that that has not happened yet. But there may be a day when the individual gets into an accident and ends up like the person on this image. Advertisements of this nature can sometimes be hard to look at, but they are an effective way to warn people of the dangers that can result from their actions as well as how to avoid the kind of situation portrayed in the ad.



2 thoughts on “Advice from an Advertisement

  1. Kinya,

    This is a wonderful, concise, sharp peice. I love the advertisement you chose – I thought most would go with something to do with fashion. Your diction is sharp and simple and clear, making your piece easy to read. Your analysis was good, but it seemed like it was lacking a bit. There are so many avenues to explore. Why do you think it was a woman on the table and not a man? Why do the black eyes and X over her mouth look like an 8-bit video game? Overall I think you did well. 🙂 Great job dear!

    ~michelle musili


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