Othello’s Downfall…

Hello reader,

Recently I have read the tragedy of Othello, and it was a great book. However, one question lingered in my mind at the end of the book. Who or what was responsible for the events that occurred? The main person who popped into my head was  Othello, the tragic hero and general in the Venetian army. However, Iago also had a part to play in the tragedy.

Othello had a high rank in the Venetian army as a general. He also had a lot of pride and reputation. However, over the course of the book, he showed himself to be easily swayed by other people’s statements, even though most of them were not confirmed. He took people at their word, not thinking to verify their statements with others. As a result, he got information that threw his reasoning askew and sent him into fits of rage. Othello was shown to be gullible in many instances throughout the book.

However, the individual who started the whole process was Iago, Othello’s adviser. He disliked Othello greatly because he was overlooked for the lieutenant position which Cassio got instead. He wanted to exact revenge on Othello for his decision and made a plan to make it look like his wife was cheating on him. Iago kept up the guise of loyalty with Othello, while being able to further his plan in the background. He was able to play Othello like a puppet and convince him that his wife was cheating on him with Cassio in a clever way that made him seem innocent.

The combination of Iago’s crafty scheme and manipulation of Othello as well as Othello’s own gullible attitude and pride led to the tragedy of Othello.


3 thoughts on “Othello’s Downfall…

  1. Great job with this post Kinya! You used the storyline to build a good argument and shape your ideas; I followed easily because you were straightforward and engaging. But you also managed to keep a level of complexity. I like how you didn’t pinpoint the tragedy on one person but allowed it to develop into more than that. The one thing I would caution you about is making sure that you are present in the writing. That it isn’t just about Othello and the storyline, but that the reader can hear you. I don’t want to hear about the tragedy of Othello, I want to hear about how you feel about it. Overall though this did answer the prompt and I enjoyed reading it. Good job 🙂


  2. This was a really good blog post. You went through the story really well and recapped in case the reader forgot or isn’t aware of how the story goes but the only issue is that you you’re voice and opinion is kinda hiding behind the recapped story. If you were to state more of your opinions out there it would be stronger. Keep up the good work.


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