Why Do I Write?

Hello reader,

Expression is an important aspect for us to have in the modern world. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to have as many platforms to write or speak with. Think of a world without expression. This blog wouldn’t exist. There wouldn’t be a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. There wouldn’t be events like open mike nights, talent shows or concerts. We would live in a world in which it would be impossible to speak our minds to a wide audience, be it online or not.

To me, writing is a form of expression. Writing allows me to release what is in my mind onto a piece of paper or computer screen. It also allows me to have a sense of freedom in what I can say, not being restricted to certain words or phrases and being able to explore the different types of literature inspired by writing.

When I was young, I was a shy kid. I didn’t really talk to anyone and when a friend or relative tried to talk to me, most of the time I would hide behind my dad. I didn’t know how to express myself at all. However, writing changed all that for me. In writing, I found comfort and solace in being able to express myself in a way that was genuine and personal.

However, with most, if not all things, writing is a journey. There are still many things that I don’t know about writing. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about writing throughout the rest of my life and I am committed to making the most of each experience that comes my way.

I now want to pose a question to you, dear reader. Why do you write? Is it for school? Is it for a job? Or is it a form of expression that you like to explore? Think about it.



2 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Kinya, thank you for emphasizing the importance of expression, and sharing how writing is the way you express yourself. It is so important that everyone has a healthy outlet to express themselves-whether it be art, music and in this case writing. The personal anecdote works very well and makes this blog more intimate.
    The word “with” in the second sentence feels a little off, you could probably replace it with “from” so it is clearer. Also, the last sentence in your second paragraph is a run-on, and the two ideas in it can be separated.
    Like Ms. Magnuson said, nice call to action in your conclusion.


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