The Importance of a Voice

Hello reader. I have recently been reading Wayne Booth’s essay titled “Boring From Within: The Art of the Freshman Essay”.  Within it, I saw many aspects such as the importance of rhetorical purpose, general ideas, and the problems with assignments that have a purpose of correcting the problem of bad grammar. However, the aspect I would like to focus on in this post is the influence of the teacher on student thought and writing.

Think for a minute about a teacher who you think helped you grow the most in your thinking style. Did his or her teaching style encourage ideas? When giving an assignment, did it feel like his or her purpose was forced upon you or was it open to interpretation in your own special way?

Teachers can have a lasting influence on students in many different ways, positive or negative.  Depending on how he or she teaches, it may feel like your opinions and thoughts will either be thrown out and disregarded or be received and acknowledged in a welcoming manner. The teacher’s opinion may either be forced on you, or you may be given your own space to develop your own thinking style in a way that is unique.

When the teacher gives you an assignment to write about a certain subject, based on how the teacher has taught the class, you may be wondering what to write about and whether it will be accepted by the teacher or not. While writing, remember that you have a voice that is solely yours and it holds many ideas that possibly no one else has thought of and a perspective that no one has possibly seen through.

Let your own unique voice come out, and you may even surprise the teacher with an idea he or she may not have seen before. Never underestimate the power your voice has.




3 thoughts on “The Importance of a Voice

  1. Really well written, Kinya! I really like how you question the reader constantly to keep the reader thinking about the influences of teachers to a personal manners. It was greatly merged with your objective, which was to persuade the reader to write their own unique ways to have their own voice. I thought it was really nice how you were straightforward in what your focus of the blog post was going to be about at the beginning to give the reader expectations from the blog post.
    One thing I thought could be improved was by not using the word “no one” in your sentence (second last paragraph) “it holds many ideas that possibly no one else has thought of”. It is a bit dangerous to use extreme words as you can easily be proved wrong.
    Aside from my critique, I thought this post was very successful!


    1. I agree, Kinya, that directly addressing the reader (and asking them to do things like “think for a minute”) is quite an effective technique. You use, not only your experiences, but THEIR experiences, to build your argument. Nicely done.


  2. Kinya this is such an amazing post. I love the way you are constantly interacting with the reader through the questions you ask. Also, through your questions the reader is always engaged and has a clear understanding of the point you are trying to make. Your post is very inspiring as it encourages the audience to use their voice and be unique in what they say. A few changes you could make in your post is to maybe have told a personal story of how a teacher has had an influence on you, therefore the reader will know where the author is coming from. Also make sure to put the period inside the quotation marks, for example when you mentioned the title of the essay. Other than that, you did a great job and I look forward to reading your future posts.


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