Why Music?

Hello reader. I am a 16-year-old student who is in an AP Lang class. As you came to this site, you may have wondered, “Hm what an interesting blog title. I wonder why it’s called that.” Well, here’s a bit of background information to help unfold the mystery.

When I was about 7 years old, I first got involved in music. I went to a classical concert with my dad, and I really liked the instruments that were used and how they blended together to make a beautiful song. The instrument that I liked the most was the piano, because it’s notes were both soft and soothing, while it also could be intense and exciting. The piano was the defining instrument that made the whole concert come together for me and made me interested in the power of music.

Another defining moment for me would be when I first discovered jazz music when I was 10. My music teacher told me to look around the house for some jazz music and listen to it. My 10 year old brain thought, “Okay, let’s just get this over and done with so I can play some video games.” And so I looked around the house and stumbled upon an Ella Fitzgerald CD. I listened to it that night and it was like music heaven to my ears! The way Ella sang with the instruments sounded like a story being made with every word and note. I listened to her every night for the longest time and to this day, she is still my favorite jazz artist.

Now what does any of that have to do with writing? If you think about it, writing has many parallels with music. The introduction, an instrumental leading into the beginning of the song. The paragraphs are the singer’s lyrics to make the audience tap their feet to the music. The conclusion is the ending of the musical number. Depending on the performance, the artist may even get an encore.

Writing and music are two of the most powerful means of communication that have lasted to this day and remain intertwined to this day.



4 thoughts on “Why Music?

  1. I like how you drew inspiration from two different passions (music and writing) and combined them in your introductory blog post and in the title of the blog. It far more interesting to read something the writer is enthusiastic about. The structure of your post is also strong as the paragraphs are short and hold organized ideas. Watch out for fragments such as in the third sentence of your second to last paragraph (“The introduction, an instrumental…”). Also be wary of using the same words more than once in the same sentence because it can get repetitive (ex. “To this day” is written twice in the last sentence). I do look forward to reading your future posts!


  2. Reading this, I already like the voice you take on as you write. It is calm, level headed, every sentence seems thought through and the whole introduction reminded me of a lovely shade of blue (a very good feeling enticing shade of blue). “Hello reader.” At once, I am silenced. I am forced to pay attention. The way that you build up to this climactic end that is both “BOOM” as well as, again, calm, I very much enjoyed. As you laid out the music and then weaved in the writing, those comparisons being very true and well said, I sat back and sort disappeared into the notes of a piano and the way that your imagery flowed through out the piece made this possible. I would suggest checking the grammar, (only error I noticed was the ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’) and perhaps making the transition to the ending snippet a little smoother. Very greatly written – like a jazz piece.


  3. Hi Kinya! I never knew that you loved music so much! Is the piano still your favourite instrument?

    Your personal anecdote was very inviting and made this blog post feel more like a conversation than an about me page; this adds to the effectiveness of this post. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that your sentence in the second paragraph in which you say the piano was the instrument you liked the most is a run-on. In your future posts I hope that you will continue to integrate stories into your posts; I really enjoyed reading this one :).

    Have a great weekend! – Carmel


  4. I liked how you communicated your passion through writing. The comparisons you made of music and writing offered a new perspective on music that I hadn’t thought of before. Your writing was very engaging and I felt like I was talking to you in person. I found some parts of your sentences to be repetitive like in the last sentence of the second paragraph, “the piano was the defining instrument that made the whole concert come together for me and made me interested in the power of music.” Here you could take out the “for me” in the sentence to avoid repeating the “me” in the sentence. Also in the last sentence “writing and music are two of the most powerful means of communication that have lasted to this day and remain intertwined to this day,” just use “to this day” once to again avoid repetition. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed your post!


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