Zengobi Curio : Project Central on my Mac

So, I have gotten on to the GTD bandwagon – trust me, things do get done this way! And it totally suits my list making, note taking, micro-manage everything kind of nature – and I am happy!

But then, again, without an app to help me do it all, I would be totally lost, now wouldn’t I?

So, I looked around for good apps to help me manage my task lists – and you may have read about my exploits with Geektool earlier on this blog… but still, it just wasn’t enough…

I wanted a software where I could plan out my tasks, organize my documents and so forth at the same time… and I wanted to do this across all my projects. So I tried out all kinds of software out there – The Hit List and Things were 2 apps that really caught my fancy. Process was also something which caught my eye. But, then I happened to stumble onto the Zengobi site. That bliss followed thereafter is an understatement…

So, here are a few pics that will sufficiently demonstrate why I am in love with Curio…

brainstorm6.jpgSo, you can make mind maps and add pictures and also make lists… drag and drop from anywhere.

dossier6.jpg Create your project brief using the pre-defined dossier templates, or create your own templates and questions.

IdeaSpaces.jpgOrganize your project across as many Idea Spaces as you like and also track all your projects.

export6.jpg Search across your projects and publish them to your Mobile Me account.

freeform6.jpg Take notes and add them anywhere – freeform as you like. Add links to documents on the fly.

intro6.jpg Add drawings. Drag and Drop from anywhere you like.

rightBrain6.jpg Storyboard…

salesNumbers6.jpg Add Tables.

screenshot.jpg Create Templates and re-use them across all your projects.

sleuth.jpg Search the Internet from within Curio using Sleuth – you can even configure the sites where Sleuth can search in…. and then you can just Drag n Drop the information into your Idea Space.

taskMaster6.jpg Create Timelines and Add Due Dates – Sync it with iCal…. and plan all your schedules.

thatsNotAll6.jpg Add audio and video notes right from Curio.

StatusShelf.jpg Use the Status Shelf to track by Due Dates across all your projects…

So, basically, with Curio the possibilities are virtually endless.

I can simply drag and drop e-mails, folders and files (and option-drag n drop to simply add a link to these files and folders) to my Idea Space. I can mind map and think out spatially (like I love to do) and plan things out – make lists and add due dates for these tasks…

I can even convert my mind map to a list and vice versa.

There are a variety of pre-made templates which I can use, or even visit the community section of Curio’s website to get templates created by others using Curio.

I can search for images and data right from within Curio – using the built-in browser, Sleuth. And you can also configure the different places where Curio searches from.

If I like to think out loud – I can add audio and video notes to an idea space.

So basically, I have my Project Central right within Curio.

Now, I have configured my Geektool to show me only the first 5 tasks on the desktop – and they are sorted by date…Desktop Tasks n Weather.jpg

iStat Menus Menubar.pngCalendar.tiff

And I have configured to get my calendar and stats like CPU and RAM (which I compulsively have to know) etc on the menubar using iStat Menus.

So, now I have my project central on Curio, my stats on the menubar, my desktop is a little more cleaner… and I am getting things done!

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